Our CEO - Faizal Garasia

Faial Garasia - CEO Credit Repair Now | bad credit mortgage broker toronto | bad credit mortgage lenders in ontario

In A World Of Insecure Credit: Passion Thrives

It all started as a mere idea. Further instigated by a keen passion to help people out of financial pitfalls. Now that passion has seamlessly blossomed into a successful business – Credit Repair Now.

Our CEO – Faizal Garasia

Faizal Garasia – is a certified credit repair specialist. He has over 9 years of experience working in the credit, mortgage and finance industries. He is a qualified and professional financial advisor par excellence. One who strives to develop ground-breaking strategies. As a certified mortgage agent, he also meets clients’ mortgage goals.

Furthermore, he employs a holistic approach. All targeted at improving credit and financial fitness. He appraises past and present events. Thereby, structuring client-tailored strategies for mitigating credit risks.

More so, he demonstrates a strong ability to effectively meet goals. In fact, he’s at the forefront of wealth and management. In addition, he provides an award-winning service. Services that are unmatched in the industry.

Truly, he is a goal-getter. One who believes that irrespective of your current financial state you can come out victorious. He has also earned consecutive Sales Achievement Award in the last 3 years doing mortgages!

Anyone can break free from the shackles of bad credit. Certainly, an expert advisor is your best bet. One like Faizal! So don’t shy away. Contact Credit Repair Now. And we will get you back on that track to meet your financial goals.

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