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Is hiring a credit repair specialist necessary?

Having low credit score doesn’t mean that you are no longer eligible for a home / car or any other credit product. This may sound embarrassing and you might feel like there is no way for you to step up – Think again, you are not alone to have this credit issue. Many individuals go through this phase in their life.

As professionals, we receive several inquiries on how to improve  credit score and achieve that home owner ship or whatever your finanical goal is? We also listed some ideas about why one must seek professional when it comes to credit repair services.

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Case Study:

Mortgage application for new home
credit score -From 0 to 688.

R****** and his wife planned to purchase a home for their family last July 2019. During the process of their mortgage application they found out that R****** Credit Score was “0”. In order for them to proceed with the mortgage loan they needed to reaise R****** Credit Score.

Credit Repair Now helped R****** fixed his credit score from 0 to 668 in 8 weeks. R****** was extremely happy to see the results and now they were eligible for a mortgage at 2.39%.

5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Credit Score

Having poor credit makes it difficult for you to get a mortgage, apartment, car, loan and even a small credit card. Lenders consider your low credit score as a risky client and therefore either you end up with a complete decline or end up paying higher interest. Higher interest rate, means more money leaves out of your pocket

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